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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

my sight

I saw krishna in trees,
in stones,in creepers,
in flowers,thunder,lightning,
and in every living and non-living being.
whether day or night I remember.
when you fall out of my sight,
I am restless day and night burning.
I climb hill tops and watch for
signs of your return.
my eyes are swollen with tears.
It is your beauty that makes me drunk.
my Lord is the great dark snake.
That love comes up from the
ground of the heart.
what can you tell me of love,
get up,stop sleeping-
the days of a life are short.
I was trying to fly but I couldn't find wings.
But you come along and you changed everything.
My beloved dwells in my heart all day,
I have actually seen that abode of joy.
My lord is Hari ,the indestructible.
My lord,I have taken refuge with you,
your maidservant .