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Friday, 14 February 2014

Oh my lord Krishna

Oh my lord Krishna
I am mad with love
And no one under stand my plight.
only the wounded,
when the fire rages in the heart.
worship the lotus feet of the
indestructible one.
Devotee and offers my body
As a sacrifice to lord krishna forever.
Don't leave me alone,
a helpless woman.
My heart music you help me
you dissolve the fear of the terrified.
Where can I go.....?
save my honour
For I have dedicated myself to you.
Krishna,to me your slander is sweet.
some praise me, some blame me,
I go the other way.
My heart goes in to you
As the lotus lives in the water,
I live in you.
It unbreakable is the love
And its bringing me out the dark.